Thursday, November 28, 2013

Scarborough Square Props, Poses, Furniture, A Club, and So Much More!

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Izzy_015 by Kara 2

My good friend Isabella Mavendorf, who I've always known was a talented builder and great maker of sets, poses, props, furniture, and choreographer of dances and shows that move the avatars around by themselves, has been much busier than I realized lately making a whole Scarborough Square filled with stores of her products. 

The whole place is great and especially appealing to my poser junkie side.  The town square is adorable and filled with a variety of products including those mentioned plus clothes and at the end is a nice club.  She also has a dinner theater for shows she develops and directs.  I think her poses and props rival some of the best in Second Life and although this area and many of her products are new, it should become a premier area for shoppers as Izzy has been skillfully making such products for years sharing them with friends and helping with events. 

Izzy collage.jpg by Kara 2

Izzy's unique pose props often have a great number of pose options and many add additional props for the poses that seem to magically appear when a pose is changed.  Some of them have multiple individual poses in various props within a set. I ran around her store taking pics in the sets for this blog as you can see.  Izzy has her own great hunt going on right now in the area, as well as participating in a variety of grid wide hunts with some fantastic prizes. She has many fun items for Christmas out right now too.  I also really enjoyed some of her box pose prop sets such as the My Calendar Girl months of the year sets that I took pics in and made a little collage of to show off here and also the 7 Deadly Sins multi-pose box set.  Be sure to check out this cool area!

Izzy collage 2.jpg by Kara 2

Izzy_006 by Kara 2

Izzy_014 by Kara 2

Izzy_016 by Kara 2

Izzy_019 by Kara 2

hunt i love italy by Kara 2
hunt artists loft by Kara 2
hunt italy by Kara 2hunt rock christmas by Kara 2

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