Friday, November 29, 2013

Patron, A Magical SL Shopping Experience Now for a Great Cause

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patron_002 by Kara 2

Each Christmas I blog Elia Wierwight's Patron, a home decor and art area that is absolutely magical.   Last year I went on and on about her Christmas trees and special garlands and beautiful free wreaths among other things.  She has beautiful items for year round decorating, but I especially get excited over her Christmas items.  This year she has all that, the outdoor gallery, plus so so much more that is just so perfect for decorating, but she taken on a cause this year.  So, I will focus on her cause this year while showing a few pics of her place so you can see just how special it all is.
patron_005 by Kara 2

Eliza was watching a documentary with her child and got inspired to help out a cause.  You can read it all in a touching note, "An Elephant's Tale",  she includes at her sim in the information givers associated with this fund raiser.  To make a long story short she designed special elephant Christmas topiary that can be purchased for one's self or gifted that gives 100% of the sale to "Save the Elephant Organisation/Foundation". 
Patron.jpg by Kara 2
★Buy one gift boxed "Save The Elephant at PATRON Holiday Topiary." for yourself, buy lots and gift the ultimate legacy  to a friend, make a donation, bit by bit we can do this over the next month.
★ Tell your friends, spread the word.
★To sponsor an SEF Elephant costs USD$ 109.20.
★That's approximately L$27,000 per elephant.
★That's 54 donation/sales at L$499 each of the Save The Elephant at PATRON Holiday Topiary per elephant sponsorship.
★Now we multiply that by 35 Elephants which is the current sponsorship goal.
★We can do it !!!
★In fact I have already sponsored one elephants all by myself  (actually with my son because he'd be sad if he wasn't involved)
★Meet the rest of 'our' elephants and read about their journeys to Elephant Nature Park

patron_004 by Kara 2
elephants1 by Kara 2

(Here you can see a photo of the elephant Eliza and her son sponsored, if you read her full note you can see photos of some of the other elephants she has been charged with finding SL sponsorships via purchases of her topiary designed for this)


  1. Oh Miss Kara, firstly "thank you". I must be getting more sentimental but when I woke up this morning and discovered you'd blogged my quest to assist "Save the Elephant Foundation" via our wonderful Second Life Community I got a little teary. I'm laughing at myself now.

    Now Kara I know you've always championed my Holiday releases at PATRON and I'm always hugely appreciative of that fact. Launching "Save the Elephant Foundation" in Second Life, my quest to be some kind of medium for the Community to sponsor 35 elephants over the Season is a privilege for me, inspired outright by the watching the documentary "How I Became and Elephant" with my son a few weeks ago. This is incredibly important and practical in same and to date I am floored by the massive support & donations that have been forthcoming.

    Fate is often curious, I was sadly ignorant about the plight of these magnificent & often heartbreakingly abused creatures. I was ignorant not only to the facts but also to the sincere work and advocacy of Sangduan "Lek" Chailert and her incredible supporters. My work at PATRON is a good vehicle for exposure however I'm not even slightly adverse to people just donating outright to "SaveElephantFoundation Resident" Inworld. Spare yourself the TP ! If the want the creation they know where we are.

    Thanks also for noting the SEF website and Youtube links. This is as much about awareness as it is about fundraising, both are of profound value.

    Anyway I'll spare everyone another Eliza Wierwight rant [laughs] . Again, my sincere appreciation lovely. xxxxx

    Oh I see you posted an image of 'our' MaeBua Loy, isn't she lovely.

  2. Great place, great products, great cause! I read in your facebook how it's going so well.. congrats! So kind of you to do this. I'm glad you like the post and hope it can help a little too.