Monday, November 4, 2013

No Salvation, Dragon Rose Isle, Anniversary Celebration

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Enigmatic and I ran over to No Salvation, Dragon Rose Island, to explore before their big 5th anniversary event that is scheduled for this Friday evening.  My friend Rogue Braveheart suggested  I have a look again, as he really enjoys the place and they've decorated for the holidays.   I've visited before off and on over time to enjoy the cool build.  They've kept the original huge structure over time, but added many things so it's always fun to explore every corner.  I am very impressed with the rich textures and impressive build.  As you can see from my amateur photos below that are completely untouched, anyone can take some great pictures in this place.  The lights and colors are amazing too.  If you are into this sort of thing you should have a great time at the party.  I made a slide show of pictures in the sim back a few years ago as I thought it was cool then, but so much more has been added I felt compelled to make the above video last night.  Please have a look at it and you can get a little idea how cool it looks.

No Salvation ~ 5 Year Anniversary Event by Kara 2
dragon rose by Kara 2

dragon rose by Kara 2
dragon rose_008 by Kara 2
(Above I asked E to stand in the cool blue window lights so I could take a pic of him and below I caught some of the regulars hanging out dancing)
dragon rose_004 by Kara 2

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  1. Thank you Kara for a great video introduction to No Salvation. Whether you are a lover of amazing builds & textures, love Dark & Succulent music, a BDSM "kinkster" or all of the above (like me), you're going to love this place!