Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Bryn Oh Creates

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Bryn Oh by Kara 2

If Bryn Oh makes it and Divi and Apmel blog it, then I must go see.  And see I did, obviously much better than Divi did, as when I landed I had on all my bright windlights and was like WHAT? so much white and bare space and nothing like what Divi and Apmel described.  I couldn't find Bryn online so I IM'd Divi and he suggested I check the box and use region windlight.  So typical KT runs in all "not-so-techy" like.  But in the end I totally got it and it's best dark like that with region windlights at ultra with atmospheric shaders and all marked.

Bryn Oh, is such a creative and intelligent artist and even this full sim minimalistic exhibit is captivating.  There is no notecard, which I generally do request and need to comprehend Bryn's stuff, but *meh*, in the end it's enjoyable for what it is.  Divi gave this "all philosophical" explanation or at least his interpretation of "White Balloon". Check it out here:

What I saw once I had the lights the way I wanted them was a large valley area in the dark with a huge light at one end and at the other an illuminated Bryn figure that when clicked plays music box type music and says in local chat:

"I fell in love one afternoon
 and wrote your name on a white balloon
 I set it free to fly above
and dreamt it was a flying dove"

The Bryn figure is holding that trademark giant fishhook, and looking toward the floating balloon that I could not hold, click, float from, or do anything to other than appreciate.  I progressed toward the next spotlighted area filled with flying birds, then finally to the homing bomb carried by the birds. I took some pics and enjoyed the retro "happy music" as Apel described it. It's like "old time" radio music.  It was nice in the dark.   My mind started to wander in the dark, so I moved on toward the big light and that seemed to be the end of the exploring for the area.  Check out Apmel's review "A Visit to Nothing" here:|en
Bryn Oh by Kara 2
Bryn Oh by Kara 2

Bryn's exhibits always provide me with a fun and interesting time in SL.  She's also so kind and generous.  She has a small collaborative exhibit I'm helping to curate over at The Station that has been very well received and of course is so creative in Bryn style.  We've had a lot of compliments on it.  I was very excited and pleased she agreed to contribute when I asked her if she would be able in a  two week window, with few prim available, in a challenging space to provide something.  She and Sina Souza came up with this very impressive 2 and 3D exhibit  that is in story format.  I've blogged it before and really should be seen to be appreciated, like all Bryn's works.  Visit here:  

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