Tuesday, December 21, 2010

SL New Years Resolutions List in the Making

I'm starting early this year, so that I can be sure not to miss anything important for my list. If anyone has any additional good ideas for my SL new years resolutions list be sure to let me know because this will be a work in progress until Dec. 31st.

For the list thus far in no particular order:

1) Be a better friend. Focus on the one I'm with (which might make it hard to be a better friend to those IM'ing me while I'm focusing on the one I'm with, but I'll work it out)

2) Always remember to wear clean underwear.... errr.. any underwear for that matter. (Stems from finally realizing the hard way that all SL men know how to cam even if they are noob and can't do anything else, and a realization that not all designers make underwear that covers everything)

3) Don't take SL so serious that I allow myself to get overly upset, jealous, angry, or down on myself. I'll try to save those emotions for RL and just have fun in SL, as it should be. Don't worry be happy... and all that.

4) Think of and change my password to something other than "password".

5) Try to be at least a little productive and not all just about me-after all it's the creators, workers and givers that make SL what it is for everyone to enjoy.

6) Exercise and eat right... o wait, that's for the other list. Ah what the heck, I like to exercise and eat in SL too-I'll leave it on the list.

7) Try to organize my abyss of an inventory... Hahahahahaah NOT--*scratching from list as deemed not possible SL*

8) Budget spending--ROFL.. again.. scratching off list ...same reason (see 7). Adds: Continue to be the great bargain shopper that I am! Yay for bargains!

9) Try not to tell the same stories and jokes at every get together... like SOME people I know.

10) Try harder not to keep IMing some ONE in particular in a hopelessly pathetic manner trying to get attention.

11) Try something new as often as possible.

Hmmm turned out to be an even 10, maybe top 10 at that.. once I eliminate number 7 which really really does need to be scratched.

And a quote to keep me motivated:

Mark Twain
"New Year's Day… now is the accepted time to make your regular annual good resolutions. Next week you can begin paving hell with them as usual."

In looking over my list it seems most of these are good for RL too.

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