Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Elven Realm-A great Fantasy Explore

“The gift of fantasy has meant more to me than my talent for absorbing positive knowledge.” ~ Albert Einstein"


Enchanted of Elven Realm (Elven realm 160/154/21) held their grand opening November 20th and I was on hand with a good friend, Antoinette Guisse, AKA: Ant, Aka: Clover5green in Flickr, both in our matching Vita's Boudoir fairy outfits for some fun pictures. Sim owner is Natalie Montagne. The sim is loaded with fantasy explore areas including unicorns, fairys, a huge fire breathing dragon in a cave filled with treasure, a quest to play, many hidden areas and pose spots to find, shops and overall beautiful fantasy themed scenery. Their information note states in part,

Magical fantasy forest dedicated to the preservation of the unicorn and all woodland fauna

Please take the time to explore and enjoy this beautiful, "enchanted", and somewhat whimsical fantasy world created by Andrek Lowell. Walk the forest in order to discover all the many hidden treasures ! When entering the dark forest, please change your environment to "midnight".

~*~A percentage of your generous donations will be given to the national animal rights advocacy group, Friends of Animals~*~

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Enjoy! To visit Elven Realm in Second Life here is the SLurl:
or direct link here:
There is even a Flickr group to save your photos if you like: ElvenFlickrHere.
Vita's Boudoir stream here: Vita'sFlickrHere.

When Fairies Meet

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