Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My Blog's Been Blogged!

Hamlet visited my new home
I logged in to SL yesterday to see a note from a friend with a link saying my blog's been blogged. Sure enough another SL friend, Hamlet Au, AKA RL:Wagner James Au, had blogged about my SL New Year's Resolution list, "Open Forum: What Are Your New Year's Resolutions for Second Life and Worlds Beyond?" (see mine a couple posts below) Mr. Au is pretty high profile in SL and other virtual worlds. See his blog, New World Notes: NewWorldNotesHere. ( He published "The Making of Second Life: Notes from the New World" in February of 2008 and was SL's primary journalist during it's first 3 years. He's a well established journalist, speaker, blogger and virtual world pro. He's a contract consultant and copywriter for SL projects and advertising, and a seasoned game designer, screenwriter, and freelance journalist who has been interviewed by many including my friend SL Sonicity Fitzroy for her latest book on SL media which I previously covered in this blog.

So after stating some of Mr. Au's credentials you can see why I am pleased he mentioned me. I've actually hit his blog before once when I was pictured wearing a sign directed at him during a SL event and the first time when we met in SL when I was pretty noob and ran around Drowsy with him for quite a while chatting up a storm and even blindly asking if he was ok with me posting a picture of me and him on the sea serpent in Drowsy on my Flickr, stating something like, "It should be ok, no one will know who you are anyway"... then about 10 minutes later I remembered I should check out his profile which led me to his blog and I had to retract that "No one will know who you are anyway" comment as quickly as possible. What can I say? I was new. But the point here is that in spite of all his very professionally handled business ventures he still takes the time to be friends with a random new person to play in SL, have fun, and enjoy SL, which is what it is all about. He even paid me a visit when I moved into my new home not too long ago and jumped on my bed (literally) with me. His blog was the first I'd seen about SL, and remains one I consistently check in on. Use the link above to view his blog which pretty much covers what needs to be covered about all things SL and other virtual stuff.

Hamlet Au and I rode the sea serpent in Drowsy

Drowsy here: or direct link here: DrowsyHere.


  1. Congrats Kara.. what a nice way to start 2011 :)

  2. Ty Kathy : ) ... and thanks for visiting the blog! Happy New Year!

  3. That's sweet, Kara, thanks! I enjoyed riding the serpent and jumping on the bed with you. :)

    Hope you keep blogging, I really liked your resolution list. Send me a link when you post another cool one!

  4. Aww.. thanks for visiting --and for the blog plug on my list! And, hey wait.... aren't they ALL cool ones? hehe.. I'll keep you posted : ) Happy New Year.