Monday, December 20, 2010

Holiday Freebie Mayhem!

All wrapped up and ready to pose. That was the position I found myself in this evening and fortunately a Flickr friend was feeling the same.

Second Life is going wild with pretty decent quality freebies, dollarbies and gifts from designers this holiday season. Everyone seems to be in the mood to give and receive and there are a ton of great Advent calenders and store gifts all over the place. One of my favorite groups in SL is "Fabulously Free in SL" which is currently actually looking for an additional blogger. FabFree is the oldest Freebie blog in SL. The blog was started in September of 2007 and they now have over 6000 viewers a day! The inworld group chat is often long, tedious, usually hilarious, and occasionally gets temporarily turned off for violations or inappropriate comments and behaviors, but many people I know including myself, like to just leave it up and enjoy the chatter, advice, and tips. I've also found if I have a question about pretty much anything in SL .. someone in the group knows the answer. Anyway today along with their many announcements of freebies they listed a dollarbie from E! Eclectic Apparel and Accessories. I took the Slurl and soon after I landed, in came fellow Flickrite Atreiyu Thorne.. a dude... at least I think. He tried to convince me of that at least even though his mic allegedly is broken. So, anyway I dared him to put on the cute dollarbie Christmas ribbon outfit called "Wrap Me Up" the store was offering in the female section of the store and he was changed into it before I was. He did choose to strategically place a larger bow of his own on his person, but as he pointed out that would not have been necessary. Laine Frye another Flickr friend who also blogs and my friend Dividni Shostakovich also donned the ribbons and we were off posing as all good posers do when they see others in the same outfit. Divi had to leave off early but then Laine, Atreiyu and I decided the outfit was group poseworthy and snapped a few shots during which time I became pretty convinced Atreiyu is a guy after all based on how pleased he seemed to be all wrapped up tight between two ladies.

Wrapped Up
What's Under Your Tree? Kara, Atreiyu and Laine

E Eclectic Apparel and Accessories here: or direct link here: E!Here.

The FabFree blog is here: or direct link here: FabFreeHere.

Laine Frye also has a blog (and a better pic. of this shot) mostly about fashion and it can be seen here: or direct link here: LaineHere.

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