Thursday, December 9, 2010

Explore Second Life

A few more good explores I've been enjoying;

Spencer Art Museum: "In 1945, I. Petrovsky published work[1] on the lacunae that occur in the region where the solution of a hyperbolic partial differential equation vanishes. Decades later, we observed the so-called Petrovsky flux, the effluent that results from squishing a Petrovsky lacuna (a findng involving pliers, single malt scotch, and kitten sausage); the visible residue is a sort of topological gristle[2]." (As taken from the sim notecard) The beauty is in the details and changes... click everything. Rock Chalk Jayhawk! Go KU!.. Direct link here: SpencerHere. Or go here:

Milivus= again a lot to click with pose spots, some pretty cute and unique animations and a lot of various detail--great for photos. Check it out here: and direct link here: MilvusHere.

Zone, Mysterious Wave: Zone, Mysterious Wave
Some odd and unusual things to look at or buy: or direct link here: ZoneHere.

Empyreal Dreams visualizes famous poems and literature, The Raven, Emily Bronte's The Bluebell, Ancient Mariner, and Les Mis'erables --The Artbox Anthology with tp's to these 4 separate sections where the scenes are loaded with cool pose spots, but you have to click everywhere because you can't tell where all the pose spots are. Very cool. Jonnah Quandry and I explored a cool sim.. Empryreal Dreams
Check it out here: or direct link here: EmpyrealHere.
Their blogspot:

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