Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Fashion Blogger-Burly

Not quite living up to that name Burly there! A dear friend of mine, Burly Tigerpaw, who blogs fashion (Opium Fashion Agency), asked if I was free and wanted to model something with him for his latest post. Of course I was on top of that, but when I landed the tp, there stood Brian in a DRESS! Typical Brian, often a goof, but it was good for a laugh. He quickly explained he opened the outfit and just clicked "wear all" so ended up in the dress which was what I was supposed to wear, as it was a his and her set. We exchanged clothes and he snapped some nice shots. The cute set is a Darkwater Designs Peace On Earth Hunt gift.

I'm pulling over his Flickr shot of him in the dress, because he's just that cute in it. I'm not sure which one of us looks better in that dress actually. All I know is this is just WRONG. He left it on long enough to make a face and snap a pic, so maybe just maybe he kinda liked the swish of the long skirt across in hairy legs and the tight bodice cinching up his chest.. um.. ok.. who knows. If you'd like to see the two of us in the set check out his blog direct link here: OpiumFashionsHere.

Wardrobe Malfunction!

BurlyHere. For Brian's Flickr

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