Monday, March 22, 2010

Svarga is Back!

Today I visited the reopened Svarga sim that has a rich history in Second Life, but had been closed for a period of time.

As I took a sim tour on a giant wasp I was told it's building began in 2004 with nothing added since 2006 at which time there were no flexi or sculpted prims. All content remains original build with basic SL prims. Some artificial life experiments were conducted there with plants that grow and multiply.

The sim includes elven instruments, SL books, and there are hopes to bring back the chat to sound experiment. In ancient European mythology Svarga or "Heaven" is the residence of the god, Svarog. The island is formed by the collapsed caldera of a old volcano. It's my understsanding Linden Labs recently bought Svarga which is again open to the public.

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