Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Passover to be celebrated at Eternal Creations Sim 3-28-10

Sunday March 28th at 6pm SL time there will be a Messianic Passover complete with scripted Seder plate, video, and parting of the Red Sea build area that can be walked through. This event will be held in the Eternal Creations Christian sim at You Are Loved Ministries. Passover marks the beginning of the harvest season in Israel however, the primary reason cited for it's observance is related to the Exodus of Hebrew slaves from Egypt after generations of slavery. The passing over refers to the fact God "passed over" the houses of the jews while afflicting Egyptians with the tenth plague. Many Christians also celebrate Passover as Jesus was the sacrificial lamb of God that delivered all mankind from slavery of sin. Passover is around the same time of the year as Easter, because the "Last Supper" that Jesus and His 12 disciples were celebrating was His last Passover meal He shared with them before His death, burial and resurrection. This was actually a "memorial" meal as others in Israel sacrificed their Passover lambs the next evening when Jesus was offered up on the cross. 22:32] http://slurl.com/secondlife/EC%20Beach%20Community/122/157/2091

Eternal Creations is a huge area and the event will also be near a cool game area that has many life size (well, av size) games including a soccer field and paint ball area. I watched a round of paint ball there the other day and found it to be very entertaining to see the participants running around hiding behind boulders, etc., splatting each other with paint from their paint guns. The sim also still has the Christian contest builds up and the winning build initially just looked like a huge cross to me, but when I sat on the tiny bench in front the of the cross that says "sit here" I was in for a very touching surprise I hope a lot of people experience. Please check out this sim when you have a chance. There are a lot of good people in the area.

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