Monday, March 22, 2010

Relay For Life and The SL 2010 Clothing Fair: My Sunday 3-21-10 in Second Life

Sad but true, I went shopping with myself Sunday. Well actually with MAlt, my male alt who rarely gets out and needed some inexpensive clothes.

MAlt was made for videos and whatever other reason might come up, but I can't have the poor guy looking cheap. The perfect opportunity arose this weekend when I finally made it to the 2010 Clothing Fair to benefit Relay for Life cancer patients.

The 2010 clothing fair ran March 13 through 9pm SL time March 21. It has been in SL for the past 3 years and this year covered 9 sims, 8 of which were for shopping. Relay For Life has benefited in the past over 11 million Linden from this event and I was told at the close this year, they were at 4.1 million Linden. Officials were saying they averaged about 30k traffic on all 9 sims. There were over 150 designers and the theme was "fashion Cities of the World" with amazing landscaping and sculptures that alone were worth the trip for this explorer. The fair also included fashion shows, photo contest, treasure hunts, parties, live music and djs, tons of quality shopping and of course the freebies.

While shopping for MAlts freebies I took pity and let him buy a few hot guy clothes and of course found some nice things for myself, no expense spared. When we finished shopping, my rl/sl sis wanted to see what I was up to so I tp'd her in to the dance area and another friend joined us for a bit of dancing and socializing for an all in all good time. At that point poor MAlt had to go home, as there is no need to dance with myself unless it's by myself.

I donated again at one of the Relay for Life boards and was provided some information about the program I had not previously paid much attention to, although it's hard to miss in SL, but I usually only toss a few Linden to the many "good causes" without knowing much about them. I feel some of this information is worth sharing here. My own grandmother died from cancer left untreated far too long, and I'm sure most everyone has friends or relatives affected by cancer. The information provided stated the Relay For Life is the signature event of the American Cancer Society and in Second Life is the largest, most successful fundraising event in the virtual world, raising more than $650,000 since its first event in 2004. There is a SL RFL volunteer group and if you would like to become more involved in Relay For Life of Second Life you can contact: Tayzia Abattoir, Event chair, tayziaabattoir@gmail.come or MamaP Beerbaum, Event Co-Chair or Nuala Maracas, Event Co-Chair,

Real life information about RFL can be found here.

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