Thursday, March 25, 2010

New Skin?

Ok, so a few people have seen my blog. I guess mentioning it on Avatars United might have had something to do with that.. or maybe the fact that I shouted it down some people's throats in there might have also. Come see what Kara did!!! But now my sister who has blogged for years tells me my urls, surls, html, SLurls, whatever she said... are kind of messed up in some places and I need a new skin. My avatar happens to have great skin I am very proud of.. but.. she said for the blog. So I went in search and found some amazing backgrounds, AKA skins. I read a little about them and some comments were saying people couldn't make them work, they messed up their whole blog, widgets were not working, etc. without doing x number of amazing steps to make them work right. (widget.. what the heck is widget? Sis, you are probably the only one who will read this and I'm sure you think I jest, but I kid you not, I have no clue. I need some help!) Anyway, that was when I first realized I really am in over my head. I am NOT a computer person and before I discoverd Second Life a little over a year ago I really only wanted to be sitting in front of a computer to collect the necessary email as infrequently as possible. I had a REAL life then. Well I still do, but SL turned me into a SL junkie and with it comes a bit of the internet. So now I am daily amazed with the computer and internet. I am learning.. slowly. I want to have lists and links and all kinds of cool things and of course a non-noobgeneric "skin". But that will come in time. When sis has time to sit down with me I guess. (hint hint) In the mean time.. yeah yeah.. I know, and sorry I can't link you up etc. or whatever. I would if I could. Some day soon, I'm sure.

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