Monday, March 22, 2010

The Follow 3-22-10

This evening at 7pm SL time my friend Troy Shoreland, lead singer for the 3 member band, was interviewed on The Cypress Rosewood show.

Troy talked about the band and their upcoming world tour scheduled for Friday, March 26 beginning in Australia at 4am SL time at Ned's Aussie Pub and ending in the USA at 8pm SL time at Gwampas. The band will be in 5 different sims representing 5 countries on this day. The Missouri group began 20 years ago in RL and today enjoy both real life and second life success, with many shows in SL including a March 11 performance and interview on Spotlight TV. They have the sound of a larger electro/rock style group that reminds me a bit of the old U2 sometimes. Their music hub in SL is located in the Aisling Myst region at Mysts of Forzane. Check them out at this link. and they can also be found on My Space, Facebook, Avatars United and Youtube.


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  2. Kara, thanks so much for coming to When World's Collide and thank you for writing and sharing the experience! We really appreciate your support, and I am thankful for your friendship!

    You rock :)