Saturday, March 27, 2010

To be or not to be?

Dear Diary,
The other day I was thinking about my rez day and some things that were going on, like realizing for the 100th time SL friends may or may not really be like RL friends and some can just come and go without much care. I started to contemplate my very SL existence, to be or not to be. Some SLer once said, "To live in RL is to die in SL". I'm not sure I subscribe to this theory, as many of my SL friends and acquaintances live in RL BECAUSE they live in SL or rather have SL products and services they make a RL living on or are trying to anyway. I, however, am NOT one of those people, and find myself spending i.e. wasting tons of my RL time in SL.

As William Shakespeare once said, "I like this place and could willingly waste time in it." But I don't want to turn out like another of his quotes, "I wasted time, now doth time waste me." I've always felt I've been a pretty hard worker but now find myself rushing faster through RL obligations even as basic as laundry just so I can have more SL time to waste. I've seen many people in SL for the wrong reasons such as escape from RL problems, depression, porn addictions, etc., but I've seen much more good including SL/RL education, fundraising, religious support, etc. So after I allowed myself a bit of sadness over SL losses, (things, places and people that come and go so quickly and easily) I justified again my SL by calling it my well earned recreation & social time.

I love SL and so far it still seems to mostly love me even after more than a year. For now I will carry on in both worlds and if something productive crosses my SL path I will consider learning about it as a way to further justify my extensive SL time and expenses. Sure I could just cut back on SL time, you know, "Everything in moderation", but I know those SL producers really need us consumers, or at least I tell myself that. Maybe I will go explore some amazing RL place in SL that I could never really visit in RL now.. just to further justify my SL existence. Signing off, Kara

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