Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Choctacular Experience

I think the RL work layoffs and implementation of a new computer system is really getting to a bunch of Ladies who are going home at night, doing some major therapeutic baking, and bringing all their goods to work for what appears to be a daily bake off competition at the commons snack table. This is doing nothing for my annual "January, try to look hot for summer" diet that I am thinking about starting... tomorrow. But during a break I found the Avatars Events blog mentioning a thing called The Choctacular Experience that is at Trendone Trend 42.3 Discovery Center in SL through April 21, and since my sweet tooth was primed I made note. Tonight I was on a mission to find this place.

I stepped through the doors and was greeted with The Candyman song as I eyeballed a table with a cake on it. Of course I clicked the cake, I click most everything, and it handed me chocolate recipes that can be used in RL. Yay! Off to a great start. I voted for my favorite type of chocolate before I jumped in the big chocolate bath. It was so smooth I could almost feel and taste it, but it was really a tease. My imagination is great, but sadly not so good that I could actually taste, feel, or smell this SL chocolate. There is one pro for SL chocolate though, and that is the 0 calories. O, maybe it isn't really. I know I was almost drooling, does that generate calories? I picked up some cool freebie chocolate things but I won't say what, as that would be giving away some of the fun. Then I read a bunch of humorous and informative signs about chocolate before I sat down to eat some in front of the videos about chocolate including some Willy Wonka videos that I love. While there I also learned about chocolate and Easter and read an abridged history of chocolate and some chocolate funnies including one of my personal favorites, "Milk chocolate is a dairy product", is that funny or fact? I go with the latter. All in all a sweet place to visit. O, by the way, I understand there is also some interesting body chocolate and whipped cream around SL somewhere, but I think that is for another blog.

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