Monday, May 13, 2013

It All Starts With A Smile ... And Ends Wednesday May 15th.

Visit here:

Untitled by Kara 2

shark_006 by Kara 2

Last night I visited the beautiful sim, "It All Starts With A Smile" on Onyx Isle, with a friend and had a little time to look around, then revisited with another friend, Belinda Barnes today.  We noticed sim owner Kaelyn Alecto and I spoke with her a bit about the sim, since I fell in love with it right away.  Sadly, she advised me that she is closing the sim this Wednesday, May 15, due to tier costs.  I'm happy to have had a chance to visit though and she said I could blog it so others can visit before it closes.  Upon landing I was in a small village-looking area with a fun pose carousal and ferris wheel on the board walk and a cute coffee shop and other stores, but over the back hill I found a beautiful haven of flower fields, cute and beautiful pose spots all over in the form of a piano plateau, car with  mini camper poser, tree house, fairy ring, ruins, and so much more.  Bel and I found a nice cabin to explore and pose in and around yet another bend I found a beach area with even more beautiful photo ops and poses.  It's very much worth the rush and visit over there before it closes.  The Huge lettering on the hill says it all, "Smile"... and you will.

Untitled by Kara Trapdoor

Bel by Bel by Kara 2

(pic of Bel by Bel)

Untitled by Kara 2

Untitled by Kara 2

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