Friday, December 23, 2011

A Flicker In Time Art Gallery Opening -December 29th

A Flicker In Time: Gallery Opening Party-Everyone Invited!
Please join us for an evening of fun and Entertainment! Everyone is invited!
Who: Art collection of works from SL Flickr artists, coordinated by Kara Trapdoor

*What: A Flicker in Time Art Gallery & Winter Wonderland Grand Opening

*Where: Rigby 186, 37, 24

*When: Thursday December 29th 7pm SLT

*Why: Because Kara Loves to Have Fun!

*Dress: Casual winter attire suggested

*Special Entertainment: Caroling Tinies
(You don’t want to miss this adorable and amusing short show-7pm SLT)

Please join us in viewing some amazing art, mingle with fellow Flickr friends or new acquaintances, enjoy the entertainment, and play in the winter yard filled with lots of pose props, toys, and photo ops, including ice skating, snowball fights, carnival ride, snow angels, snowman makers, various pose scenes, large nativity, etc . Some of the art is marked for sale, some is for exhibit only. Special thanks to the Caroling Tinies Performance Group. Free gift book at the door, “A Steampunk Christmas” courtesy of RL author Sonicity Fitzroy, PhD & Lowe Runo Productions, LLC.

Featured artists include: Jewel Appletor, Alles Klaar, Isabelle Mavendorf, Josie Anderton, Bloomy Miles, Dave Koi, Tigre Milena/Doni, Kara Trapdoor, Christie Spad, Lingual Markus, Joe Balbozar, Drake Huet, Bryn Oh, Harbor Galaxy, Rawnie Lane, CindyS Tatham, Lexi Glendullen, BurlyBri Tigerpaw, SeleneLily, Frolic Mills, Cage Yue, Naxos Loon, Harlow Heslop, Michiel Bechir, Nessy Shepherd, sugar silverstar, Owen Landar, Adonis Hansome, Tarak Zadark, Katy Nikolaidis, Sonicity Fitzroy, Roiben Sweetwater, Toogie/Ant/Tickleme, Maja Braveheart, & Rebeca Bashly

Some machinima featuring parts of the sim activities available:

Following the opening party the exhibit will remain open to the public through January, 2011
Huge huge thanks to all the Flickr friends who helped and contributed art for this. If you sent me something and don't see your name on this list I apologize and please let me know, as I cap out multiple times a day and have a huge inventory so things can get lost if I'm not right there. I am sorry I couldn't connect with or have more people included in this.
Direct Slurl will come soon : ) Hope to see everyone there, KT

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