Sunday, November 12, 2017

Look What's Popping Up All Over the Grid-Product Review Riot Syrio Leggings

Syrio Men's Leggings by Riot -currently featured at the "Men's Only Monthly" event.
35 colors, 2 buldge types, fatpack includes exclusive fall colors. These fit Beleeza, Slink, Signature, Jake and Adam. (or you can alpha out others and give it a try)

This is a guilty pleasure product review of which I rarely do any more due to the old laptop getting bad for photos (don't want to poorly represent anyone's product) and of course mostly because I'm lazy now.  Scroll to the borrom for pics if you don't like to read.

Anyway, I just could not resist blogging this product.  I've been seeing it all over the grid lately and my first reaction was OMG .. I'm appalled.  That was my delicate side saying that to myself, then as time went by (like 2 seconds) my "other" side that quickly becomes desensitized as all good things in SL seemed to succumb to, I was like.. mmmm, it looks like it wants me to touch it.  So here I am blogging it.... I'll have to blog a bunch of other stuff quick too now though to bury the post so my friends, family, pastor, etc in real life don't see it now that I've totally outted my RL left on the blog after going to Dallas Jam and posting RL pics and stuff.  But somehow I just couldn't let this product go by unsaved for my blog.  Years from now I want to be able to come back and see how my SL progressed and while I am not usually a fan of promoting the idea that SL is all about sex, like the media would like for it to be seen, once in a while.. it is. Ok, I said it.  On a Sunday no less.  Anyway.. mostly my SL is about music, and art, and being creative, and having social time from the couch in my PJs, and more music and art and exploring new things.  I first saw them on Erik who was singing at the time then my friend Eli whose been out in them and others.  I grabbed MALT (male alt) and we both put on a pair for a photo)  Apparently they are affectionately referred to as the boner here it is........

Visit the Riot mainstore here:
Riot is actually a very good quality mesh store for men and women's clothing.
Their marketplace is here:
By them now at the Men's Only Monthly Event here:
Also YFI guys, this is a great event for you men to go shopping at if you don't have a girlfriend who does all your shopping for you.  They feature great quality products all in one location for easy, quick shopping.

(ok for the photos .. me and MALT -NO I dont usually wear guy parts it's a joke.. then we have cute Eli and Erik, and then the store display)

Riot Boner Tights for blog riot_002

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