Saturday, November 25, 2017

Tried and True Sim Explores

I started this blog post on Thursday and was going to call it a Throwback Thursday post for Thanksgiving.  I thought I'd post some of my fave long lasting explore sims in appreciation for the joy they've consistently brought me in a world where many places come and go.  These have been around a long time and I'm sure I've blogged them all at some point or another in the past but are worthy of a new post for new residents or some that don't get around much.  Some have changed a little making further exploring a new experience. I might even add a few more later.  Enjoy

Black Kite: Great for exploring, posing, pictures, relaxing:

Black Kite
Winter Wonderland the annual Linden Labs winter sim. There are two sides one for skiing, and various activities and other other is the snowball fight area with fireworks at the top of the hour, snowball launchers and so much more:

Winter Wonderland-LL

Winter Wonderland-LL

Tempura Island in Japan, beautiful romantic sim with lot of hidden places and scenery to enjoy

Tempura Japan Tempura Japan

Ocho Tango, tango dance club, art sculptures, :

Ocho Tango Ocho Tango

Shinda Inspire Space Park:

Shinda, Inspire Space Park Shinda, Inspire Space Park

The Wastelands

Wastelands Wastelands


ChouChou ChouChou

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