Thursday, November 23, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving

Today is a day for Americans to reflect on things they are thankful for. 

Over a year ago I did a blog post about things I love about Second Life. I continue to get comments on it as a resource for new avatars to consider or find different things to do vs wandering around not realizing the full potential.  So I decided to re post this as a Thank you to Linden Labs for the things I love about Second Life.  And a huge thanks for the many friends and people who make my SL a better place from amazing explore sims, to cool clothes, to entertainers, to friends to chat with etc.  Thanks everyone.. Happy Thanksgiving.

Hi, My avatar name is Kara Trapdoor and I’m here to tell you why I love Second Life. I find SL to be unique from other virtual platforms in the wide variety of possible activities. The imagination is the limit and because SL is by the people for the people, meaning residents develop content and whatever they want, the options become limitless. SL it not just a game, social arena, business opportunity or creative outlet- It’s all that and so much more. One of my favorite things about SL includes exploring and interacting in immersive graphically pleasing environments that mimic both first life places or fantasy, or really anything anyone can dream up. The content is such that even those who don’t want to spend a little time learning to build, can literally build off and modify content others have made. I also love the social scene from dancing to playing a variety of games, to establishing very real close relationships. The creative options in SL are also limitless and I enjoy the many talented live musicians who entertain inworld, the artists who create a variety of medium, the machinimist’s videos, photography, sculpture, and so much more. I also love to shop and style my unique avatar in endless ways, like my first life self, as some fantasy creature, or any way I’d like her to look. Some of the residents are amazing and very giving, hosting fun events raising huge amounts of real money for real first life charitable events. Others create, write, teach, host, entertain, or do a variety of things to earn very real first life money for themselves. There are support groups, events, and sims, by a variety of helping agencies such as for those cancer, autism, physical and mental disabilities such and depression and anxiety and others. There are also variety of groups and sims for religious and political congregants. There are educational venues including many universities that offer first life credits or SL learning opportunities in a variety of subjects. I enjoy the elaborate dance, cabaret, fashion, comedy, and other shows that can rival first life entertainment. There are very impressive role play opportunities for just about any subject or niche group with costuming, props, and animations to complement the ideas. Some enjoying relaxing and getting a little wild in their SL. I also love that people can be as anonymous or as open with first life information as they would like and I’ve met and personally leaned from and about people from around the world and even a few high profile first life celebrities. Some people like to focus on their hobby or specialized group but personally I love the opportunity to experience it all and that is why it stands out to me as a unique virtual platform. I enjoy blogging my experiences at Kara’s Korner, Second Life Adventures so others can see some of the many fun things I enjoy in SL. There truly is something for everyone. It’s a wonderful adventure and a place where dreams can come true. But most of all, it’s simply a whole lot of fun.

List of Some of My Favorite Things about SL
*Fundraising for RL charities (See Nonprofit Commons)
*Almost anyone can learn to build almost anything they can think up, make clothes, accessories, art, machinima, various products, build structures, photography, do landscaping, sim design, etc. and if you don’t have the time to learn you can purchase the things you want or ask for a custom job or combine things.
*Live musician concerts-great music including some who are very popular First Life Musicians and bands such as The Follow, Seth Regan, James Olmos, Sean Ryan, Sarah Tiemogo, Duran Duran, and so many more.
*Clubs, dancing and social life
*Sports and organized leagues of almost any team or individual sport imaginable
*Games-wide variety from Greedy, to SLictionaly, dominoes, backgammon, lifesize mazes, chess, chutes and ladders, Cards Against Humanity, and so many more.
*Shopping and modeling-great fashion to wear or make/styling a unique av with so much to choose from for hair, shoes, clothes and accessories
*Shows including Broadway type hits, cabaret, ballet, streaming movie theaters or home video shows, fashion shows, etc. The theatrical shows often are very professionally made rivaling some first life entertainment with the use of sets, costumes, elaborate avatars, and special effects as well as some impressive venus.
*Creativity in many other ways such as making magazines, writing, poetry, djing, photography, blogging, etc.
*Real income to be made via a wide range of paid jobs or products, land, services, etc. to make, do, sell, manage, or re-sell
*First Life College and University Presence through art or educational sims and even courses for college credit via some major worldwide universities
*Role Play –huge variety of role playing and RP sims including classes on how to RP
*Churches and a wide range of religious sims of worship, congregations, and groups (great for people who can’t get out RL)
*Large Scale Gaming including a variety of things such as racing cars, bikes, or whatever vehicle imaginable, Star Wars, various war type games, Street play, etc.
*Elaborate fashion shows complete with amazing designs, sets, and, special effects
*Fantastic animations so that an avatar can pretty much do whatever is desired and if the animations are not available someone can make them/excellent dancing both individually or as a couple or small and large groups. Animations for so many other things including realistic mocap movements.
*Support for those with various physical and mental health issues-often type specific such as autism, depression, anxiety, cancer, wounded veterans, etc. along with a variety of other support groups or sims such as weight loss and management, relationship issues, gambling, etc.
*Exploring fabulous sims-LOVE this one
*Social life and creative outlet for the lonely, those with social anxiety RL, RL high profile famous who enjoy the anonymity, depressed, those that can’t get out in RL much, etc. including a huge list of social media sites that include a great deal of SL residents. People forming real relationships.
*Comedy shows with original routines, magic shows, various other entertainments
*Tribute Concerts

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