Saturday, November 18, 2017

Faces at LEA 23 by

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Today I explored Faces, an LEA 23 sim by Ilyra Chardin.  This is a very cool sim to explore with great concept and design. The landing area has info. about the sim, concept stats,  and the associated photography contest.  The sim is a cool exploration of the SL resident population by type.

 The sim info. reads: "What lies behind the FACES that we see?  Have you ever wondered about the person behind the avatar?  Wondered why they seemed so happy or perhaps why they seemed so bitter or angry?  This is their story. "

The landing area showcases large picture doorways into individual landscaped areas to explore.  The large pictures  or archetypes show various "types" of SL residents such as entertainer, fashion, business, role player and various types within these too. The landing area also provides some stats on the population of SL residents in general broken down by age, gender, income, education, etc etc. which I found interesting. I've often said and even discussed again today with a friend how there is such a variety of things to see and do in SL and how many people seem to find their niche that they like and don't venture out much and miss so much in SL.   That's fine if people are happy, however I do enjoy the variety of people, things, places, and stuff to do in SL and learning about it all.  This sim showcases some of that.  I only wish the doorway environments would have matched the type of venue or environment the presented avatar type portrayed, but they are great to wander into and enjoy nonetheless.  This sim is fun to explore SL possibilities or expand one's understanding of what may be available in SL, great for photography if your computer graphics aren't starting to fail like mine, and to learn a little more about your fellow residents.  Enjoy.

Faces LEA23 Faces LEA23 Faces LEA23 Faces LEA23

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