Sunday, November 19, 2017

Noma Falta Joins QuadRadiX at Love Kats

Most SL residents who follow live music are aware of the group The QuadRadiX, a group of performers who get together for shows that began with Maximillion Kleene.  He was joined by Sabian Inglewood and Dennymac and as of today Noma Falta.  These performers entertain individually but have an occasional show together from various places around the states and Canada on multiple streams.  Pretty cool concept.  Since today was Noma's first day with the group a lot of people wanted to hear them.  They were at the  Love Katz venue which normally draws a large crowd for their many shows.  I noted around 91 visitors for the show tonight.  The QuadRadiX sounded great together and I look forward to hearing them more often. Be sure to check out their future shows and also other popular shows at Love Kats venue owned by Kat Chauveau here:

More info. about QuadRadiX here:
and on Facebook here:
QuadRadiX at Love Kats QuadRadiX at Love Kats

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