Saturday, October 23, 2010

Virtual Sports

I've been having a bit of fun with sports in SL lately so wanted to share some Slurls and pics.

Hockey with Virtual Hockey League: HockeyHere. or here:

warrior Instinct Boxing Gym: BoxingHere. Or here:

Second Football League: SFLHere. Or here:
Lilly Juno took our Cheerleading Group Photo

Recreational sports complex for tennis, volleyball and basketball: TennisVolleyballBasketball. Or here:

There is also plenty of sailboating, sailboarding, jet skiing, cigar boating, surfing and other water sports and Blake Sea is one of my favorite places to go for water sports.

My smallest SL friend Sheldon Nitely also created a Fantazy Football game that may be found around SL. He provided me with a note of information as I took his picture with the set up. "Play Fantazy Football. With prize pools for both the weekly and season-long winners, you could become the king of the hill.
How do you play?
Simple. Find a Fantazy Football machine. Pay the machine. Pick the winner for this weeks' games by clicking on the appropriate team logo and that's it.
Pick more winners that week then your friends and you win the weekly pot. Pick more winners for the season and you win the accumulated season pot.
Don't worry even if you don't come in first we're giving away prizes to the players who come in the top three for the week and top 10 for the season.
But you have to hurry. The machine moves on to the next week at the beginning of the first game of the week. (Yes, yes those crazy Thursday games do count).
So get your helmet on and get ready to play."

If you just want a cool gym to work out in one of my old machinima includes some workout scenes from my fav SL gym with credits and location info. toward the end:

Unconditional from Kara Trapdoor on Vimeo.

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