Friday, October 8, 2010

Phoenix Rising Closing Sale

Sadly Phoenix Rising is closing, but right now that means great prices for us. I'm just going to copy their note here, but keep in mind these are great quality items. " Dear Valued Customers,
On behalf of the Phoenix Rising Team I Personally wanted to take this time to Thank All of you for your support.
As a final Thank you, we wanted to give back to the customers.
= All items have been slashed to its finalPrice- 25L$
= All Discount Rack tems, All retired Items, and all ONE OF A KIND ITEMS have been marked to 1L$
Phoenix Rising will close its doors forever on Oct 30th. Tier will have been exhausted at this point for the sim
.All Sales Will be Final. Sales is only on items made by Phoenix Rising designers. It does not include products by Glitterati.Nardcotix.Exodi.Earthstones.
=Why is PR Closing?
As head designer of Phoenix Rising I have moved onto new place in my rl. Im a newly wed, with new home, new puppy and new changes! With new beginings endings must come!
=Can I buy PR from you?
NO. I cant bring myself to sell of a company me and my friends have built. I wont allow anyone else to represent something I built and thoose of my friends who have poured there souls into watching our Phoenix Rise.I rather my customers enjoy the memorys.
NOW In closing
Thank You all
For the giving me the gift of watching Phoenix Rising grow! I wouldnt have been able to create if it werent for you! LOVE YOU ALL
Ashoka Eales CEO
Danial Guisse
Kieran Debvec"

So if you want a great deal run to Phoenix Rising here:
direct link here: PhoenixRisingHere.

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