Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Rumor. Have You Heard....Opens Saturday, but you can slip in now : )

The Rumor.. woman in the water

Today I visited a new scenic sim filled with shopping/explore that officially opens this Saturday, October 30th. The gates opened today for early shopping and probably a little less lag, so I ran on over. (Actually I stopped in before and cammed around the ban lines, because I'm just that curious)The sim has cool landscaping and some of my fav shops including: Posies(some cute animations and poses), Fume, LouLou & Co., Razorblade Jacket (sale this location), socialANGtz poses (some cute free ones), Acid & Mala, Tea (cute wearable free group gift snake), Adjunct, rangs,Babycakes, Wunder, BUTT-ERR,Mustache, Cheeky Pea, Smarmy, and what seems like a million more tucked into a quaint little scenic village. I noticed a couple of shops still free for rent too. Lots of freebies. Check it out here: or direct link here: TheRumorHere.The Rumor.  Have  you Heard.... Tea in The Rumor... free snake Freebie wearable snake

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