Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Big Bang Crossmedia Project

I received some cool Rose Spam today from Rose Borchovski and since it covers it well, I'm just going to edit and quote it here:

"BigBang Crossmedia project.
We are working on a project called the Bigbang.
It is a rl multimedia show, with most off the content of the projection created and filmed in SL.
The RL event will take place on the 5-6-7 th of November in Warsaw, Poland.
I'm proud to tell you that the show is a combined effort of a group of sl Machinatographers and Artists like:
Bobe Schism, Mescaline Tammas, Toxic Menges, Bryn Oh, sorror Nishi, Werner Kurosawa, Alpha Auer, Rose Borchovski and others.
(More specific information will be released this weekend with a complete credit list.)

We have filmed several myths of creation. The sim on which we have filmed the Greek myth will probably go offline next week, but I would like to give you the opportunity to visit " the film-set" of this Greek myth,
Thank you Rose ))


In the beginning – there was a great empty void called Chaos.
inhabited only by the great black-winged bird Nyx who mated with the wind to lay a golden egg which hatched out with Eros, the God of Love. The two halves of the golden eggshell became Uranus the Sky and Gaia the Earth,who promptly fell in love with each other and had many children.

The children of Uranus and Gaia were fearful that their own offspring would destroy them and in protection against such an outcome, Cronus the eldest child took to eating his offspring as soon as they were born, But Cronus’s wife Rhea hid her last born child, a boy called Zeus,tricking her husband to swallow instead a cloth-covered rock. When Zeus became a man, he attacked his father, forcing him to vomit up his brothers and sisters and a mighty Battle of the Titans took place in the skies above Mount Olympus to decide who should rule the world. Zeus and his siblings were victorious and the world now had a race of triumphant Gods but no men or animals. Zeus instructed his sons to make animals and men, giving each creation a gift according to its needs – some were given claws, others teeth, others the ability to swim or to fly. But the gifts ran out by the time it was the turn of man and women so Zeus’s son Prometheus gave man fire in direct disobedience to his father’s instruction and Zeus punished him by chaining him to a rock to have his liver plucked out daily by an eagle. The female Pandora was given a box of secrets which she was told never to open. But tempted by curiosity, she opened the lid and let loose plague, famine and greed upon the world. When she managed to close the box again, she heard a small timid creature fluttering inside - it was Hope which was finally released and thus could always allow a reprieve for the world."

Check it out here: Direct link BigBangHere. or here:

RL links : BigBangHereRL.

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