Sunday, January 26, 2014

Kill The Kraken, Kill The Kraken, Kill The Kraken at LEA28!

Kraken by Kara 2Kraken by Kara 2

Kraken, a photo by Kara 2 on Flickr.

So I ran over to LEA (Linden Endowment for the Arts-The Lab donated 29 regions for the arts) new volunteer training that Honour McMillan was holding (sounded like she held about 4 million sessions yesterday, poor thing) to learn about this new opportunity and see if I could help out in this place I always love to explore.  Check their blog for the latest info. here: and if you also would like to be a volunteer, I contact Honour as I'm sure they can use more helpers. 

While I was there I went to see the Kraken. Visit here:
As you can see by the sign there is a Kraken hunt going on over at LEA28.  The Air Kraken are a product of the Questi and Discovolante Mechanical Consortium (Marion Questi and Martini Discovolante).

Their note about the project states: "This region is home to a pod of the legendary Air Kraken, scourge of the sky.  These tentacled monsters of steampunk mythology patrol the clouds, watching for the Aviator foolish enough to come within reach of their flailing tentacles and razor-sharp beaks.
This is a damage enabled region. You can be killed here.  (Which in Second Life means being involuntarily TPed back to your home location.)

Air Kraken can be killed as well. You can hunt them with any weapon which shoots physical bullets. It takes several hits to kill one. Kills are replaced immediately, so you will not run out of targets.
The Air Kraken patrol at about 200 meters.  Good hunting!"

I went on up to the observatory initially, to get a good look at these monsters flying around in the sky before attempting to do anything about them.  And as I was rummaging around in my inventory trying to figure out which guns I have that might actually produce physical bullets (vs combat system guns, pig, condom, and taco blasters, props, etc) a couple of the Kraken actually literally forced their entry into the observatory bubble that was supposed to be my safe haven.  I guess they did that by bumping it a million times hard enough to get at me.  They proceeded to try to bump me and although it tickled a little I was not instantly killed.  So, as I still did not have any weapons ready, I "sat" on the back of one, which then seemed to attach itself to yet a 2nd Kraken and they began spiraling upward with me attached in what seemingly appeared to be nothing less that the Kraken mating dance.  I was honored to see and touch (sit upon) this legendary beast but also to be up close and privy to their mating ritual.  This bought me some time to finally decide the freebie LL popguns I think most of us have in inventory actually shoots physical bullets, and I promptly shot them both dead then I flew off to shoot a few more.  I didn't shoot enough apparently to make the brag board of high scoring visitors.  Later I returned in full hunter regalia for more hunting and a photo by their entry sign.  This is something a little different and fun to do in SL... enjoy.

LEA Volunteer orientation-Honour McMillan by Kara 2(Honour, leading the LEA volunteer group)

LEA Volunteer orientation by Kara 2

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