Friday, February 10, 2012

"Spirit" by claudia222Jewell In Art Screamer now-Official Opening Noon February 11th, 2012

Visit here: or direct link here: SpiritHere.

Official opening of Art Screamer's "Spirit" by claudia222jewell is tomrrow at noon slt. I went in tonight with bloggers and was very impressed. From the lady head moths and slugs to the flying tour fly rider and the free avatars it was all almost overwhelming. I spent hours in and kept finding more cool amazing things to look at. It's mostly mesh. I wont' write a bunch, as seems every blogger was there and I'm already seeing it blogged a lot but the best thing to do is just visit yourself and see.
(me in the free av outfit riding the fly rider)

(claudia, artist)

(me in free avatar given out in the flower near landing)

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  1. Wonderful mystical place to visit, interactive art at its best!!.. Not to be missed.