Sunday, February 19, 2012

Mardi Gras with BOSL and Opium Fashion Agency Tuesday 2-21-12

Visit here: or direct link here: MardiGrasHere.

mardi gras_047
BOSL and Opium Fashion Agency presented the first half of their Mardi Gras show today with the second part being Tuesday the 21st at 4pm SLT (Fat Tues, so indulge). I really enjoyed this show set in a 2 sim area designed like decorated streets that attendees stood around on watching the parade floats go by. At one point I think the visitor count was at 178. The float models tossed some of us beads and roses. Most of the guests were also in Mardi Gras costumes. The floats were very impressive and I felt a great way to showcase the models who danced aboard elaborate floats that moved down the streets in parade like fashion. In the end Frolic Mills, BOSL CEO was crowned Mardi Gras parade queen while King was Opium owner Anastacia Markova in a bit of a gender switcharoo. It seemed like great fun was had by all and when I rezzed back in many many hours later in the evening some people were still there dancing saying they had stayed since the parade just enjoying the party-like atmosphere. Today's show was great but they will do it all up again in grand style on Tuesday and I heard them say there will be prizes and partying then too.

Mardi Gras...
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