Sunday, June 17, 2018

SL15B Open!

SL15B-see prior post for more info.
Visit the Crystal Rotunda Mainstage here:

SLurl to The Serpent:

Schedule link here:

Be sure to make your way to an official landing spot to get your free welcome package with landmarks, freebies/swag, ride the tour pods, enjoy the hunt, visit the over 200 resident exhibits, have some fun at the many ongoing events (see official SL15B web site for calendar of events), time capsule, 2 parcels of freebies, and explore!

Their welcome note starts off: "Welcome to the SL15B, the big crystal birthday party of Second Life with a large program of events. The SL15B runs with all events from 17. June to 24. June 2018, in addition, the sims are open until 30. June 2018 to explore them."

Every year there are one or two builds that just WOW me.. and this is it! Looks like it was made by Walton Wainwright (faust.steameer) The Serpent. It's huge and there is a stage area for events inside the building that is impressive.

Once again the cake stage is also huge and gorgeous.
  SL15BAnd tonight I caught a Toxie show, which was great as always.
  SL15BHere is a good landing area that includes the info you need.

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