Monday, January 29, 2018

Wayne Davis Rocks Second Life

I was lucky enough to catch a Wayne Davis Rocks live music show at Solarwinds in SL tonight.  WOW, fantastic show!  A lot of the  music he played was some awesome classic rock with very impressive guitar playing and singing, covers and originals.  He wasn't even done with one song before I joined the group and subscribed and that says a LOT since I keep my groups full and rarely change them out for something new.  He did a variety of music though and his info. boasts his versatility.  I found this 2013 SL interview :   Then I found a RL video with the help of his RL friend Candy Cane here:  There are quite a few RL videos there.  In SL prior to seeing this I had to ask Candy cane if  he was using tracks or playing his own guitar while singing, since no one I asked around me was sure, and she said it's really him playing his guitar.  She told me he was gone from SL for two years while on tour with David Allen Coe then came back to SL in October.  During the show he said it was his band. My friend Nick said he used to hear him in SL regularly.  He makes a great show and his true entertainer talents are obvious.  I have no clue how I missed this before tonight.  Apparently everyone else knew and he seemed to know many there.  And there were many there, like around 70 avs.   I'm his newest fangirl! 

Wayne Davis Rocks Wayne Davis Rocks at Solarwinds in SL

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