Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Flux Sur Mer

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I've been doing a little more exploring lately and recently enjoyed the beautiful sim of Flux Sur Mer by creator and designer Nic Bour (nicbor resident), along with custom mesh designer Imoken Neox.

Their sim info. states: "Flux Sur Mer is French country side embracing the old charms and the slow rhythms of country life. Surrounded by small quaint shops, flea markets, old cottages and even ‘vide grenier’. She sits on the shores of a deep estuary where the river meets the ocean, surrounded by opulence of trees and nature." 

Ironically I googled it and found a blog post from 2015 about it BY ME! LOL.. it has been reworked and looks amazing.  Well worth more visits.  Check it out some time.

Flux Sur Mer Flux Sur Mer Flux Sur Mer Flux Sur Mer

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