Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Justin Ashton at Jagged Edge

Tonight was my first experience hearing Justin Ashton (Justindarkside) sing in SL.  Just wow.!  He played piano and sang a string of ballads and was a huge crowd pleaser. His musical talent is clear and he sounded amazing.  He came highly recommended by Toxie Darkmatter another great singer in SL and she wasn't kidding .. this guy is great.  Be sure to check him out when you get a chance. Well worth seeking out.  If you hurry you might still be able to catch a bit of his set tonight. He's currently doing a medley of Queen songs.  Nailed them all!  Serious talent here.

Justin Ashton

His profile indicates he's just a couple of months into SL but that's just since he's come back to SL  this time. He has a bit of a sexy Scottish accent when he speaks : )

His profile states: "Justin is a singer/songwriter from the south west coast of Scotland.  An accomplished performer in RL over the past 30+ years, and SL over the past 7 years, Justin's Piano and Acoustic Guitar sets are a spirited blend of Classic Rock & Pop, Folk and Ballads. Bookings: Please contact Justin directly"

Jagged Edge is a live music venue for anyone looking to enjoy a relaxing setting with great music owned by Keileigh and Jorr Jarrman, owners of Whispering Sands Live Music.  They host many musicians and great live music shows.  Check it out here:
Whispering Sands Live Promotions here:

Justin Ashton

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