Sunday, December 17, 2017

The Great Give Back

Visit The Great Give Back here:

This is an awesome event. I spent some time here yesterday and it's still going on today until 10pm SL .. so hurry on over for some great music, 22 free gifts, a free prize raffle, an amazing sim to explore and enjoy and some fun company.  As you can see much of the SL music community is involved and the idea behind the event is just good music by the musicians giving back to the patrons.  There are no tips jars set out and its all free to all to enjoy.  What a great Christmas gift and fun idea. 

The event note info. states: "This is an Event for al the venue owners and audience who support us singers every single day of the year ...There will be no tip boards no venue donations ...there however will be raffles and gifts for everyone who comes and just two days of music for you to enjoy throughout the season ..Merry Christmas Everyone !! ♥ Thank you for all that you do ! WE LOVE YOU !! ♥"

Chillee Hernandoz has organized much of this on the cool sim, Extasia.  Their sim info. states: "HUGE Mansion with private rooms, Beach, Islands, Clubs, Undersea ruins, Pandora forest and much more! Everything is Free for your use and best quality and anims in SL.  Come explore the sim and have a great time."

The Great Give Back

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