Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Christmas Town 2017

Visit Christmas Town Here:

Laura Liberty's annual Christmas Town is now open.  This is one of my all time annual fav Christmas sims.  There is a fantastic immersive skate through time /Christmas movies, a underground sledding tour, skating, shopping, fantastic scenery, cute hang out places and more.  This is a must see sim that is changed up a little each year and well worth multiple visits with friends or alone even. One major tip for first timers, when you enter the ice castle, be SURE to get on the skating pose balls out front and do not walk it, as you loves the majority of the special effects.  Also accept the drop down for the sounds when you first enter.  It's very immersive and does have some super cool effects if you simply get on the skating balls and following the initial brief instructions.  This is a sim I will go back to many times each Christmas and have already been there with numerous friends several times since it opened a few days ago.   Well worth it. Be sure to shop the cute stores with great products too so Laura is motivated to bring this back every year.  She often adds new parts to the sim and I love the new forest this year.  5 stars, highly recommend!!

Christmas Town Christmas Town Christmas Town Christmas Town Christmas town 2017_009 Christmas Town Christmas Town Christmas Town

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