Monday, December 4, 2017

Christmas at Patron

Enjoy being a patron of Patron this holiday season!

It's time to get the holiday decorations out of storage and it's always fun to buy a ton of new things both RL and SL.  My fav overall SL shopping for Christmas home decor is Patron by Eliza Wierwight.

Visit Patron here:

She says it best and her info. states:
"Well, we're on our way, it's no secret that  I love creating for the Season. There's a massive section at Patron for your consideration with more added almost daily. I've striven to get the foundation pieces out for people like me that just love to go there in November.

The inspiration for this year's collection is inspired by jewel tones and Tahitian pearls. Think Sapphire, Aquamarine, Garnet, Rhodolite, Ruby, Pink Diamond, Amethyst and Amber. I've also designed a Couture Tree, somewhere between a sculpture and a tree, I can't tell you how much I enjoyed the pursuit, perhaps it's evident when viewed. Note, this is not a wearable, drape yourself in front of it, if you can't resist  :P

Another whimsy, my stained glass reindeer resonate warmth. Inexpensive and a brilliant way to playfully extend magnificent bursts almost sunlight into environments, you'll see.

I've switched up to an alternative bow feature on one series of garlands this year,  Black Caviar  and rich cream. They're a little more reserved though hold their own allure to me personally. In conjunction with these I've introduced a Tahitian pearl & Black Caviar tree, unexpected, though for me personally, it's pure elegance.

As I mentioned, a lot more to come, and frequently.

With great affection.

I blog Patron almost every Christmas and some other times because the quality and detail of the products are just gorgeous.  It's a great place to window shop too if you are broke, but I bet you don't walk away empty handed.  The place is filled with realistic and artistic home decor, landscaping, homes, art and the Christmas area is beautiful to see.  The artist in Eliza really shines through her products.  Check it out and enjoy.

Patron 2017
This next middle pic is a new product by Eliza and she took the pic.

  Patron 2017

 And finally I took a pic of the full sim area of awesome products. There are many other things around the area too.. Patron 2017 Christmas


  1. Oh thanks lovely Kara for taking the time to highlight Patron at Christmas, I so genuinely appreciate it :) xxx

  2. Well thank you for enhancing our Second Life experience with your beautiful works : )