Monday, December 4, 2017

Christmas Shopping in Second Life, Events, Hunts, and Holiday Specials

It's the beginning of the month and time for the monthly shopping events and some special holiday events, and this month is even more special with Christmas shopping, decor, gifts, etc in mind.

I've been visiting a few of my fav events lately and listed some links for easy access here.

Visit FaMESHed here:

Visit The Arcade Gacha here (be sure to grab the freebies in the presents under the tree) here:
The Arcade Gacha Official Web site here:
and under their Facts/QA section you can find a 2nd overflow SLURL.

Arcade Gacha Dec 2017

The 7th Annual Christmas Expo 2 sims benefiting Relay for Life here:

Winter Showcase and Winter Art Show through Dec. 10th by Team Diabetes here:

Visit Uber here:

Be sure to check out a bunch of other great events at the Seraphim web site here:

If you are on a budget, many popular places have advent calendars with a quality freebie for each day of the month.  There are also a lot of Holidays hunts going on and a good place to stat is at Hunts SL here:

-Premium accounts have extra slots to get into events, so if they are full for a non-premium avatar there are a few extra slots premium avatars can still get in on.  This helps me a lot.
-Most of the events have shopping lists you can view online to be prepared when you go and just pick up what you want vs wasting time trying to load and see everything.  I like to use the Firestorm area search feature once in an event to search for what I want and pick it up quick so i can get out and others can get in.
-Take off huds and heavy scripted objects, hair, etc that will weigh you and others down and make texture load time longer and lag worse.
-Take advantage of overflow sims to shop if it's full.

 Arcade Gacha Arcade Gacha 2017 Arcade Gacha Dec 2017 FaMESHed FaMESHed Dec 2017 FaMESHed Dec 2017

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