Monday, December 12, 2016


Visit Bryn Oh's Hand in Immersiva here :

Saturday Dec 10, Bryn Oh's "Hand" opened to the public.  This is another immersive story telling artistic adventure sim created by this RL artist for us to enjoy in SL.  Thankfully I took a friend, John Corey, along as between us we were able to navigate the precarious path needed to complete the story.  There was occasionally falling or the need for a teleport from each other back to where the other was in order to progress without setback.  Ok, it was actually mostly me falling off stuff and double clicking myself back to the beginning, so fair warning don't try to double click teleport yourself or you'll have to start over. But it's a exciting challenge too.

The storyline follows a young girl, Flutter.  It's a creative and interesting explore and although I didn't get any pics of them the textures on some of the walls along with the use of projectors were truly intriguing.  I won't say too much about it, as I've taken a few pictures as a teaser and really everyone in SL should check this place out for themselves. We are lucky to have this opportunity.  Be sure to tip or purchase some of the items along the way or in the gacha in order for Bryn to continue to host these kinds of sims for us to explore.  Enjoy, and give yourself plenty of time as there is so much detail to think about and work through along the way.

Hand by Bryn Oh Hand by Bryn Oh Hand by Bryn Oh Hand by Bryn Oh Hand by Bryn Oh Hand by Bryn Oh Hand by Bryn Oh Hand by Bryn Oh Hand by Bryn Oh Hand by Bryn Oh Hand, by Bryn Oh

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