Wednesday, December 7, 2016

A Patron Christmas 2016

Visit Patron here:

Well known SL artists and designer Eliza Wierwight  has some fabulous new Christmas items over at her lovely store "Patron".  I've blogged Patron before as she makes gorgeous products but Christmas is special over at Patron.  It's a great place to explore and buy yourself or a loved one some decor or gifts, or even just window shop.  With the windlights dimmed to enjoy the colorful Christmas lights, it can really bring back some Christmas magic.  She has many trees of various sizes, decor, gifts, enchanted statuary, landscaping, homes, art, holiday and non-holiday decoration, etc. You can see her beautiful homes, and regular home decor products in the main store on the same sim. Click directly onto one of my pictures to be taken to my Flickr to see more images or just tp to her place and have a look for yourself as there is so so much more.   Here is my blog post regarding her latest home, the Banyan:

 From Eliza's own profile I quote: "The Christmas & Holiday Store at Patron is now officially open, with truly exquisite items being added daily. I loved every moment designing and wrangling these pieces, and I believe the life of that effort resonates. Please feel most welcome to visit, and as a final note I highly recommend you view the animated and lighted creations in both midday and midnight.
Magic ........
Eliza Wierwight


Be sure to visit for some Christmas magic.

Patron 2016 Patron 2016 Patron 2016 Patron 2016 Patron 2016 Patron 2016 Patron 2016 (if you look closely through the giant wreath you can see some of her fantasy statuary)

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  1. Kara, thank you so much for highlighting the Christmas content currently at Patron, it's been a lovely journey having your support over the years. Last year I was so snowed working on the completion of Banyan House it seems I've been remiss to thank you as you deserve for your prior blog post also. Please accept my apologies. Your investment of time and artistry in sharing all things Inworld provides such a wonderful insight for the broader Second Life community. Again, my gratitude. Eliza