Friday, December 2, 2016

The Arcade Gacha is Now Open

Visit The Arcade Gacha Gallery here:

The Arcade Gacha web site, great for planning shopping lists by clicking on the shop tab here:

It's that time of year again for the December round of the highly popular quarterly Arcade Gacha. I usually don't get in early and wait a week or two because their main sim, their overspill shopping galley boat, and the nearby sims tend to fill early, but I used a "get me in hud" found on marketplace that repeatedly tries to tp an avatar and after close to 900 attempts I was in!! Of course Gacha Queen Kathy was there as well so we traded a few items and there are some nice hairs in various colors and monogrammed stockings etc that are nice to trade for the ones you want.  Or, save to give out for Christmas gifts!

My plan was to get the baby and get out, but as a bonafide impulse shopper I ended up with a little of everything and broke the bank.  I did get my baby early on though.  I'm referring to the Black Bantom baby that comes with and without wings in 5 different skin tones along with other gacha options.  For more info. see their image here:

When visiting be sure to pick up all the free gifts under the huge Christmas tree in the middle of the arcade. This round will remain open through December 31st.

arcade gacha_004 arcade gacha_001 Arcade Gacha It IS cute!

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