Sunday, December 11, 2016

The Only Venue for Christmas

Visit The Only Venue here:
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I've been noticing many live music and entertainment sims have really been decorating their whole sims up beautifully for the holiday and winter season.  I always respect sim and venue owners who spend a great deal of money and effort simply to share and enhance SL for others. It's common knowledge most venue owners, especially live music venues, don't come close to breaking even on their expenses once tier and the entertainment is paid.  They do it for the love of SL. And I'm thankful.

The Only Venue

Since I love to explore SL, see all the amazing SL sims and also enjoy SL live music, I wanted to take this chance to highlight one such sim.  The Only Venue, a live music venue hosted by Jake Puhpow and Molly Masingh, that regularly hosts live musicians has engaged one of SL's finest singers, hosted by Jake Puhpow and Molly Masingh.  Toxie/ Toxic Darkmatter, known on Facebook as Kristin Craig, to decorate the rest of their sim area for visitors to enjoy.  She did a fantastic job and I had a ton of fun exploring there. My pictures don't do it justice but you can get a little bit of an idea what some of it looks like.  It works great with various windlight settings too.   The venue itself is spacious and well done but I'm highlighting just the outdoor explore area here today.  So if you are looking for great SL live music as well as a beautiful sim to explore before or after a show, I highly recommend this one. Toxie's Facebook page is here:

The Only Venue The Only Venue The Only Venue The Only Venue
The Only Venue

I took a few pics there then, since I was in my new fur, invited my friend Kathy Nikolaids over in her new fur since she is a fashion blogger to enjoy and take some pics too. Then we went to another of her favorite sims where she can rez poses and she took a picture for her blog post with all the styling information, so be sure to check out her blog post if you like any of our styling for the details here:

                    With Kathy, Sporting the Furs

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