Sunday, April 12, 2015

Why I Relay Project

2015.RFL.Kara Trapdoor by Catalina Staheli

Catalina has this great project going and  is taking RFL portraits with people’s reasons to relay.  Check it out here:
 The 3 avatars in the pic are all me.  Check out her Flickr stream.. it's pretty cool to see the variety of avatars and reasons they relay here:

More details about the project and the pictures here:
I love this pic and wanted to portray 3 generations.  Catalina did a great jobs with this in spite of me  rushing her badly because I needed to get somewhere yet wanted my pic to blog.  I think she did this all in less than 10 minutes and it turned out great. My shirt uses the RFL theme.. The future is now.  My RL grandmother passed away from cancer and didn't see a doctor until it was very noticeable to others around her that she was sick, which was really too late.   I certainly hope a cure is found for future generations.  Anyway.. this is my reason.

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