Friday, April 17, 2015

Blossom, Ocho Tango and Mistero Hifeng Art Explore

Blossom Land here:

Ocho Tango here:

 Digital Art -Cammino e Vivo Capovolto Blossom Land (112,89,21)  by Mistero Hifeng here:

This sim has been around with Ocho Tango Place for a while and I've taken pics here before too because it's such a quaint little dance place in the middle of a gorgeous field.  Their sim info. states: "The first club where dance Tango, dance, love, romance, latin,
A Milonga lost in a pampas.... what's else?"

I went back to visit last night and found below the cliffs some amazing art by Mistero Hifeng, some of which I've seen around SL before much much new.  Then to my delight when I started to climb down a well ladder I was teleported to a gallery in the sky loaded with tons of fun and creative work my Mistero Hifeng that was even for sale.  I took a ton of pics, some of which I post here.  It's so delightful to enter a well made scenic sim and get to enjoy good art, and interactive fun too.  Check this sim out again for 3 area of fun.  

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