Thursday, April 9, 2015

The History of Vehicles in Second Life LEA2

Visit here:

The other day I blogged about a great car show in SL, and now I've also found this exhibit at LEA2 also with a lot of fun vehicles in SL.  There is a great variety and I enjoyed seeing the evolution of some of the vehicles as well as specialty items and all the great details of some of the newer vehicles. The exhibit runs from April 1 through May 31st.  They have more than 130 vehicles from over 50 designers curated by Sapphire Hotaling.   They have events during the exhibit too as follows:
"The following is the list of weekend entertainment events in the month of April.
**NOTE**: Events may be added in at a later date
OPENING WEEKEND APRIL 3-5: Tribute to SL Vehicles
Friday, April 3rd @ 2PM - Nightwish Concert by Bad Amptitude
Saturday, April 4 @ 2PM - Wolf Howls Radio Remote
Sunday, April 5 @ 2PM - DJ Seven VanDouser

APRIL 10th to 12th - 50s WEEKEND
Saturday, April 11 @ 2PM- DJ RD
Sunday, April 12 @ 2PM -  DJ RD

APRIL 17th to 19th - 70s WEEKEND:
Friday, April 17 @ 2PM - DJ TYSON
Saturday, April 18 @ 2PM - Queen Concert by True North Concerts
Sunday, April 19 @ 2PM - DJ Traveler

Saturday, April 25 @ 2PM - DJ Traveler"

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