Thursday, April 30, 2015

Fallen Gods and Dandelion Daydreams Factory for Fantasy Faire and Relay for Life

Visit Dandelion Daydreams Factory here:
in Fantasy Faire here:

I'm still sorting through blogger packages for the Fantasy Faire as previously blogged.  I came across 2 very different types of full avatars that are unique and delightful.  The first is a gacha item from Dandelion Daydreams Factory and is one of 15 unique "Paper Poppets".  These whimsical full avatars look just like paper dolls.  They bend and move and have just a tiny bit of depth to them.  They have tabs on the back that give the appearance of paper clothes on paper dolls. They are ony 149L each at the promo price found at the main sim link above.  The sim itself is gorgeous to explore too.  I'll just copy their sim info. here as it says it well... "Coolest place ever...
Play, Relax, Enjoy ! Home to Fantavatar & Moonstruck, Lilith's Den, [ Oblivion ], The Wishbringer Quest,   Adventure,  Romance, Hangout, Forest, , nature, Fantasy, shopping, Dance, Photography, Eternal Love Hunt, Green Rose Manor, cuddle, romantic".  Owned by Runa/alrunia ahn Luna Barak, a real talent in SL.  If you put on your doll be sure to play around in Poppetsborough in the Fantasy Faire as they have a whole little town built in the same style that is super cute-see 2nd direct link above.

Visit Fallen Gods here:
They sponsor the Odyssey section of Fantasy Faire here:

Next I found these petite sea sprites by Fallen Gods.  Fallen Gods is very well known in SL for their amazing fantasy skins and other things fantasy.  Their current sim info. reads, "Explore and enrich your Second Self with a look that can flow from elf to werewolf, from demon to pixie, from fae to drow, from mermaid to vampire, from angel to human... Fantasy skins, shapes, eyes, outfits, tattoos, petites. Libertine Furniture."  Alia Baroque's profile states......Owner and Creator of Fallen Gods Inc., Libertine and the Arcipelagus.  This is also a great sim to explore.  The adorable Fallen Gods sesa sprites for Fantasy Faire are super cute petite avatars and although they are sea sprites I added some fun ~Nomiki's Creations~ Misty Fae wings to make mine a bit fairy like and Wasabi Pills petite mesh hair to match.  This designer truly has some absolutely beautiful skin, and even some horrifying demons too! This place is not to be missed.

Below pic is the original ad from Fallen Gods (bottom pic is not taken by me)

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