Saturday, April 25, 2015

The Trap is Trapped for Relay for Life

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Calling all Mateys…. arrrggg  I need your help!

The Relay for Life Tribute City team has decided I’ve been a naughty bad girl, so bad they want to lock me up.  No, It’s not BDSM time.  It’s Jail & bail me out time with all bail  $L raised going toward my release (In this case aka: Relay for Life).  I’ve heard they plan to throw me in the brig aboard a grand pirate ship.  The word on the street is they will send out their pirate skiptracers to apprehend me around 1pm SLT Sunday April 26 and I’m told if I don’t comply they might just make me walk the plank.  My freedom lies in the hands of the generous people of SL.   I would try to beg and list all my good qualities and reasons you should stop in and add to my bail for my release but since I can’t think of any I’ll rely on the Relay for Life good cause reason.  Everyone knows I can’t sit still too long in SL, so If I’m stuck in the brig for long I might just have to think up something interesting to keep myself and any lookyloos entertained and I’m thinking if I spend enough time looking deep enough I might just find a thing or two in my inventory to make an interesting jail break after a while.   There might also be blogging or filming going on, yes, most likely there will be.   Please come on out and bring (L$) any loose pennies, nickels, or dimes you can scrounge up out of your mesh sofa  that I can add up,  or if you are broke just come out, bring friends, and laugh at me in lockup,  keep me company, or roam the deck and enjoy the high seas with friends or break your bank and bring some cold hard cash, because I’m broke and I heard my bond will be set between 10K and 50K Sunday April 24th at 1pm SLT here:
(ps, I really do need your help because I’ve heard there have been bribes to keep me in the brig vs getting me out ~sigh)

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