Sunday, July 20, 2014

Tornado Gallery in Second Life

Enchantment Island in the virtual world of Second Life is an amazing place home to Tornado Gallery where you might just be in for a surprise while perusing the art, also home to a haunted house, the museum of amazing illusions and museum of surrealism, the great bubble ride, alien utopia, deep sea world, land of the Pharos and so much more plus plenty of shopping freebies and fun! Click all.  Visit here:

BambiTwice Nitely is the sim owner and builder and has done a great job with many fun and playthings just like I like.  She was kind enough to give me a sim tour, and I've visited in the past but there is much new to enjoy.  Carrie and Blue stopped by for a visit and you can see Blue being tossed around in the tornado quite a bit.  The whole sim is a lot of fun and all worth enjoying.  Some old timers may remember it as it's been around for a long time but it's updated too, and for the newer avatars... it's a must see.  I especially enjoy the museums and magic and all the interactive fun things to click on.  If you like to shop much is for sale. 

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