Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Byss, visit here:

Another excellent sim built by Jashin Lionheart and owned by Dark Lord Destius; torsteinn elvehjem.  This place is seriously amazing!  Go visit, grab a OOC tag if you just want to explore and make sure you click any possible door as there are so many cool places to find, play, and explore.  If you are totally into Star Wars and Sith type role play this is definitely the place to be.  I met up with torsteinn, the sim owner, who told me they are updating the sim too but I can't imagine improving on what they have right now.  Clearly this team knows how to make sims.  I previously made a video in another of their places called Droumd Kaas so be sure to visit that one too if you like to explore, RP, and take photos, etc. in great places.

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